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In Case of Emergency, Is Your Senior Loved One Ready?

In Case of Emergency, Is Your Senior Loved One Ready?

An emergency crisis is any unexpected serious, most often dangerous situation that requires immediate action. At first thought, we’ll think about securing ourselves with emergency supplies and services. But when the crisis strikes, more than thinking about yourself and the people you are with who have prepared enough, you’ll think about your senior loved ones living separately from you and receiving elderly care.

The question is, is your senior loved one ready to take on an emergency crisis? Make sure to check on them to find out.

PARAMOUNT HOME CARE AGENCY, INC now lays down some of the things you need to probe for your senior loved one’s emergency preparedness.

  • Ask your senior loved ones’ neighbors to keep an eye on them. Caregivers from a Home Care Agency in New York can help your loved ones connect with their neighbors to secure a support system all the time.
  • If your senior loved ones are using electronically powered wheelchairs, have manually operated ones available.
  • Ensure a backup power supply for oxygen and other electrical medical devices if your senior loved ones are being provided with home health care services in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Prepare emergency supplies for them, and let them know where to find them. Keep it within their reach.
  • Establish a communication plan, how you’ll communicate with them to know how they are doing in the middle of the crisis.

And the list goes on. What was applicable for your loved ones on this list?

Remember, when creating an emergency plan, always keep all your loved ones in mind. You’ll need them the most in times of crisis. To make sure your senior loved ones are emergency-ready, enlist the services of our caregivers today.

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