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How Do I Know If My Aging Parent Needs a Caregiver?

“When will I know when it’s time to get in-home assistance for my aging parents?”

This is a question that countless people across the country ask themselves every day. Unfortunately, there isn’t always an easy answer. After all, most seniors want to remain independent at home, and they seldom ask their family members for help. As such, it falls on the adult children to observe their aging parents and notice any signs that they may need help.

PARAMOUNT HOME CARE AGENCY, INC., a trusted source of home health care services in Brooklyn, New York, lists 3 signs that it may be time to bring in a caregiver.

  1. Unable to Keep Up with Activities of Daily Living
    If your parent is finding it difficult to perform basic activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, then it might be time for professional elderly care.
  2. Changes in Their Appearance
    Often, changes in your parent’s physical appearance may indicate that they could be having difficulties with day-to-day tasks. Warning signs may include, poor grooming and hygiene, noticeable weight loss, and mobility difficulties. For instance, a parent who is rapidly losing weight might suggest that they are having difficulty cooking or eating.
  3. Signs of Loneliness and Social Isolation
    As people age in place, maintaining an active social life can be more difficult. Does your parent seem lonely? Are they becoming more isolated? Have they given up on previously enjoyed activities and hobbies? Are they missing their appointments? A caregiver can provide seniors with much-needed companionship.

The Bottom Line
If your parent has exhibited any or all of the signs listed above, then it may be time to consider a home care agency in New York.

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