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Get Paid While Caring for Your Parents! Here’s How!

You heard that right! You can get paid while taking care of your family members.

Here in New York, the program is called Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). It’s a Medicaid-sponsored program for all eligible New Yorkers to recruit and hire their preferred home care assistants, even if it’s their family members or friends.

To undergo the process of enrolling yourself under the CDPAP program, you can directly coordinate with the Medicaid office or consult with our Home Care Agency in New York. The application process for this program undergoes several steps, but basically, it involves the following three elements.

  • Assessment
    Before you get qualified for CDPAP, a registered nurse will assess your condition if you meet the Medicaid requirements. This step mostly takes several processes. However, when you eventually qualify, you can proceed to the second step.
  • Forms
    After the assessment and you’re given the go signal to proceed, you will be required to fill out forms and submit some others. Our team providing home health care services in Brooklyn, New York can also assist you in accomplishing these forms.
  • Caregiver
    Once you have finally accomplished the forms and submitted all requirements to the recognizing authority, you can now proceed to select your caregiver of choice. This is the part when you can decide who you would like to take care of you, and yes, family members are included.

With our CDPAP affiliation at PARAMOUNT HOME CARE AGENCY, INC, we can greatly support you in providing quality care for your loved one. Whether you get a skilled care provider from our team or your family members, you can trust that you will get the level of compassion you deserve when it comes to caregiving at home.

In getting family members to provide caregiving services or elderly care to their loved ones, here are significant factors to consider:

  • Senior parents can hire their adult children
  • Spouses can NOT hire each other
  • Children can hire their parents on a case-to-case basis
  • Siblings can hire each other

Interested in this program? Ask us!

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