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Elderly Fall Prevention: Try These Balance Exercises

The age-related challenges that seniors experience can affect their mobility. Because of this, their risks of falling increase. Add to that, elderly falls also result in health complications and life-threatening conditions.

As a Home Care Agency in New York, we would like you to worry less about your aging loved one’s safety. Our care providers are ready to assist your senior family member at home. With our presence, someone can monitor your senior parent and reduce the risks of falls. Along with that, we can also assist them in the following indoor exercises that can improve their balance.

  • Walking from Heel to Toe
    This is an exercise of walking by placing one foot in front of the other. That is, the right heel in front of the left toes, then the other, while moving forward. In walking like this, both arms should be extended sideward to maintain balance. Our elderly care providers will also be on standby to help your loved one finish these routines.
  • Standing on One Leg
    Another balance-enhancing exercise that seniors can do is to stand on one leg only. When you do this pose, extend the other leg forward while the hands are holding on to something stable. Do a pose on one leg for five minutes, and then repeat with the other leg. As you do this exercise, remember to also maintain good posture.
  • Rocking the Boat
    While standing with both feet apart, slowly lift one foot while maintaining the balance on the other foot. Hold the position for 30 seconds, and put down the lifted leg. Maintain the standing position for another 30 seconds. Afterwards lift the other leg while standing on one leg. Do this for 30 seconds and repeat the whole rocking motion for about 30 minutes.

Would you need help in providing your loved one with home health care services in Brooklyn, New York? Feel free to contact our team at PARAMOUNT HOME CARE AGENCY, INC.

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