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Elderly Care: 4 Dental Resolutions in 2021

Elderly Care: 4 Dental Resolutions in 2021

Oral Health directly affects our overall health and quality of life. Taking care of our teeth and gums as we get older can prevent problems like toothaches, gum disease, and tooth loss. This is especially important for older adults experiencing health conditions like diabetes and heart disease or those taking medications that may cause oral health problems.

So how can we make dental health for seniors a priority this year? Paramount Home Care Agency, Inc., your reliable partner in home health care services in Brooklyn, New York, brings you five healthy dental resolutions for you or your elderly loved one.

  1. Practice healthy dental habits.
    Eating healthy and cutting down on sugary foods and drinks can go a long way for our oral health – preventing tooth decay and other health problems. This also includes quitting smoking as this increases our risk of gum disease and oral cancer.
  2. Brush and floss teeth every day.
    Brushing and flossing daily helps remove dental plaque, a sticky film of bacteria. Make sure to brush after breakfast and before bed with fluoride toothpaste daily. If you or your elderly loved one has trouble flossing, ask your dentist about other tools or techniques that may help.
  3. See your dentist regularly.
    Though Medicare doesn’t cover it, keep in mind that healthy Elderly Care should include regular dentist appointments at least once a year. Instead, you can get private dental insurance for regular cleaning and check-up.
  4. Watch for changes in your mouth.
    If you notice changes or symptoms of Oral Cancer for more than 2 weeks, make sure to see your doctor or dentist. This includes a spot or a lump in your mouth, lip, or throat, and difficulty chewing, swallowing, or moving your jaw or tongue, etc.

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