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Diabetic Care: Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

Diabetic care is a taxing task for a family caregiver, but seeing a loved one’s condition improve can be rewarding.

Diabetes affects people across any part of the world. In the US, many home health care services in Brooklyn, New York, are focused on care and support diabetic populace.

In Endocrinology, there are two major types of diabetes—Type 1 and Type 2. Between these two, Type 2 is the milder form. The high blood sugar level is a major catalyst for developing any of the two type. But, it may get worse if the sugar level isn’t maintained at a healthy limit. Consistent spikes can damage the vessels and nerves connected to the heart, which results in heart disease.

Hence, a particularly important part of elderly care is managing sugar levels to prevent heart disease. We offer these few measures to reduce the risk of heart disease if a loved one has diabetes.

  • Manage weight
    A diabetic needs to lose or maintain weight. If an older adult is overweight, examine their diet and make some adjustments promptly. Consult a dietitian for safe ways to lose fat.
  • Physical Fitness
    Some benefits of exercise for a diabetic include lower blood pressure and controlled weight. Check with your care team if they offer diabetic care education.
  • Quit Smoking
    Tobacco has nicotine, which is an addictive chemical that restricts blood vessels. It has the same effect as diabetes. So if you smoke, you’re magnifying the damage on your body.

Consistent effort is needed in keeping diabetes under control. If you need to learn diabetic care, we are a reliable home care agency in New York that provides nursing services and care education for diabetes and heart disease.

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