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Dehydration in Seniors: What You Need to Know

As a Home Care Agency in New York, we are one with you in ensuring that your loved one receives quality care. Regardless of their condition and care needs at home, we can create a type of care plan that will meet their specific needs.

Because of this, we would like to highlight the matter of dehydration among seniors.

Is dehydration alarming for seniors?

Not only for seniors, but people of any age are at risk of any health decline when they are dehydrated. For some age groups, such as toddlers and infants, dehydration can even be life-threatening. This is how serious dehydration is. Yet, it can be extra serious for our aging loved ones because their thirst sense is no longer as strong as before. As a result, they may think they’re not yet thirsty, but their body is already getting dehydrated.

For this reason, it is important that you prevent dehydration for your aging loved ones. Here are some tips that we hope can help you.

  • Offer drinking water at specific parts of the day. This is where elderly care providers become very helpful. When you’re not around, they can ensure that your senior family member doesn’t get dehydrated.
  • Create a schedule of their regular water intake. This way, your loved one will get used to the routine. They will then ask you for water even if they don’t feel thirsty.
  • Give them the kind of beverage that they want to drink. Yet, ensure that these drinks can help provide healthy hydration.
  • Serve them with soups and broths during their meal times. The soup can be strategic to fill up your loved one’s water needs.

Because of the great need for seniors to stay hydrated, we are mindful of it when we provide home health care services in Brooklyn, New York. So if you’re interested to learn about our services, contact us at PARAMOUNT HOME CARE AGENCY, INC.

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